Moon rise from the Patio

Nothing more enchanting than watching the moon rise from the patio, with a cool glass of wine. Then if you are lucky to have the hidden valley below light up with fireflies swarming in their magical millions on a warm June evening. 

Barbeque and shady patio

There is a large Italian style barbeque complete with chimney to keep the smoke out of your eyes as you roast your piece of wild boar. The nearby patio and kitchen make this a lovely place to entertain on a lazy Tuscan afternoon in summer. 

The Rose Bower Gazebo

Surrounded by a circle of cypress trees this little gazebo is a lovely place for evening drinks or even a marriage as it is a special focus of the garden. 

Splash pool for cooling off

A small cisterna like splash pool has been built in the garden espeically for kids but also lovely spot for Adults to appreciate the garden. It is filled with proper filtered water and can be emptied each visit. The Hog Wallow nearby is a natural spring, which is fenced off as it has mineral water which forms travertine on the surface and is not too appealing for a swim.